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Aquagel Sugaring Paste & Strip Wax

Made by Caronlab, Australia's #1 Hair removal brand, you are guaranteed consistency, reliability, performance and fantastic customer service for a very reasonable price.

The Aquagel range is Vegan friendly and ideal for salons and clients preferring natural products being used on their skin.

About Sugaring

Sugaring and waxing have both been around for centuries, in fact sugaring is an early form of waxing but has recently re-entered the beauty scene. Sugaring uses a natural toffee-like substance that is kneaded into the skin repeatedly, removing the hair as it goes. The paste is spread or moulded onto the skin against the direction of hair growth. The sugar is said to seep down into the hair follicle and wraps itself around the shaft of the hair. When the sugar paste is flicked off in the direction of hair growth, the entire hair including the bulb slides out naturally in the direction it grows. This technique differs to waxing as waxing requires the hair to be removed in the opposite direction.

Aquagel Sugaring Paste Strip

  • Specifically designed for Sugaring Professionals
  • Jars fit inside Caronlab 500ml Professional Wax Heater
  • For use with spatula or hand method 
  • Low temperature paste with beautiful gel consistency
  • No commitment to training or product required
  • Tried, tested and loved by Alexandria Professional users!
  • So natural you can eat it!

Firm Sugaring Paste

  • Easy to control 
  • Ideal for beginners
  • For use on warmer areas of the body such as bikini, underarms and face
  • Ideal for hot and humid climates

Soft Sugaring Paste

  • Soft consistency for large body areas
  • Ideal for experienced therapists
  • For use on larger areas of the body such as legs, chest or back

Warming Instructions: To soften Sugaring Paste, place in Caronlab Professional Wax Heater on a medium temperature for five minutes, then reduce to a low temperature to maintain warmth without overheating.

Warning: Exceeding heating times may cause burns and or injury.

Usage Instructions:

1) Area to be treated must be clean, dry and free of any oils and creams. Prepare the skin with Micro Defence Foam or Caronlab Pre Wax Skin Cleanser.

2) Lightly dust skin with powder to improve the adherence of paste to the hair.

3) Apply sugar paste against the hair growth.

4) Hold skin taut with one hand and remove sugar paste with the hair growth.

5) Speed up your treatment of large areas with Aquagel Strip Wax.

6) Use warm water to completely wash off any post sugar residue.

7) Finish your treatment by massaging Caronlab After Waxing Soothing Lotion into the skin.

Caution: Keep lid on when not in use to prevent moisture spoiling the paste. Keep in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight (the fridge is ideal). Do not microwave. Keep product in original jar then place entire jar into heater.

Aquagel Strip Wax Strip

Aquagel Strip Wax is the first water based professional strip wax! Formulated without resins or chemicals, this revolutionary Natural Strip Wax is gentle on the skin and simply washes off in water, making it quick and easy to use. With no chemicals needed to clean up, it's environmentally friendly and cost effective.

Aquagel Strip Wax has a much lower heating point than traditional strip waxes, with a thick gel consistency. There's no resistance with application; once applied, it glides easily and spreads on ultra-thin.

It is idea for use on larger areas in conjunction with Aquagel Sugaring Paste.




What are Sugaring Professionals Saying?

I LOVED the sugar paste you sent me. I have tried both pastes at very low temperatures (pretty much cold) and warmer (becoming quite liquid) to see how the sugar would adjust to the skin. It was easy to apply and remove in both scenarios. I have never been stuck with it ... I can tell you I tried! It was easy to remove the residue with the ball and the hair removal time was reasonable. This is a high quality product!

~ Prescilla, NSW