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Brazilliant - Watch in action


Brazilliant is a revolutionary 2 in 1 Film Wax like no other, allowing for efficient waxing with gentle results. This strip wax alternative that adherers firmly to both fine and coarse hair without sticking to skin, it grips even the hairs you can't see and requires only one application! Flexible and pliable, it can be applied in large sections without the fear of breaking, making it ideal for speed waxing.

The low working temperature minimizes irritation and gives it a unique dripless form. It's perfect for waxing both men and women and all body areas including Brazilians, legs, underarm, back, chest and face. Brazilliant is the ONLY wax you need for Power in your Pot!



Therapists who:

  • Do not use both hard and strip wax and want to get all the hairs out with a single application.
  • Are sick of using Strip Wax.
  • Use only strip wax on the Brazilian and face and are looking for a gentle alternative.



  • First wax to combine the benefits of a hard and strip wax in one!
  • Must be kept at a lower temperature than traditional Caronlab waxes – approx. 3 on your Caronlab Professional Wax Heater.
  • Made with a synthetic plasticed resin which has a quick-release formula to grip the hairs and set hard on the skin rapidly.
  • Normally we would recommend only hard wax is used on the face; however this film wax is gentle enough for facial and intimate waxing.
  • Best used with Maxi Spatulas/Tongue Depressors as they can coat a larger area at once.

Brazilliant - uses


1. Place Wax Melts into Caronlab Professional Wax Heater.

2. Regulate pot to a medium setting (between 2-3 on the temperature dial).

3. Dip applicator into wax. At the correct temperature, wax should sit on the end of the applicator and be practically dripless i.e. approx. 60°c (140°F). If wax is moving, it is too hot and could cause burns. If wax is stringy, it is too cold and will not remove all hairs.

4. It is not necessary to melt down wax completely – a core of harder wax in the centre is ideal. Use melted wax from around the core.

5. Do not apply over moles, warts, broken or irritated skin.

6. This is a low temperature wax. Exceeding the recommended heating instructions may cause burns and/or injury.

This film wax will spread smoothly and should be applied wafer thin, like cellophane. Designed with speed waxing in mind, Brazilliant can be applied to large or multiple areas like strip wax e.g.; as long as 30-40cm sections and does not require non-woven strips to be removed.

When applied thinly, it will set touch-dry. Setting time can be longer when wax is applied thick like a traditional hard wax. Use Caronlab Quick Dry Wax Mist to instantly touch-dry wax or apply wax to another area while waiting. This is the most powerful film wax on the market - only one application is necessary in most cases.

PLEASE NOTE: If you're currently using a creamy hard wax, we recommend using Brazilliant IN ADDITION to your usual hard wax. This wax works very differently, and while very powerful it is not as gentle as creamy waxes so it's still necessary to have a hard wax on your trolley for waxing more gentle and intimate areas. Brazilliant is similar to some other brands of wax on the market and therapist who use these will prefer Brazilliant. It is also a gentler choice for therapists who ONLY use strip wax.

Brazilliant - In pot


It can be applied thinly (cost saving) or thick if you prefer. I have found it works better if it is a thin layer as long as you remember to make the lip thick enough for easy removal! It dries quickly, saving time. It doesn't go brittle. I have used it on underarms, face and for Brazilian waxing. It grabs the most stubborn hairs that are usually hard to get out (those strong thick white hairs). I have even waxed a section of beard with it and the results were wonderful. The skin does not appear to redden as much after waxing. It appears to be calmer and less harsh on the skin. My clients are very happy with the results.

 ~ Jodie, Beauty Central VIC

 I've just purchased and trialled brazilliant on myself. I avoiding Waxing myself as i suffer from dermographica urticaria, also called skin writing. I usually break out in large welts that last the whole day after waxing as I have a severe histamine response. I tried Brazilliant on the weekend, my skin became red, but within an hour the redness had subsided, and No Welts. I'm very impressed with this product as I can now go back to waxing. My clients with sensative skin are going to love Brazilliant. Thanks for another Great Product!

~ Cathy, CJ Beauty NSW

I've now tried your new wax and this is amazing!! Brazilian time has been cut in half without any extra effort, this wax is amazing! It works beautifully for brows as well.

~ Jamie


Love the wax, I was seriously amazed by how thin it can be applied and how great it was to get rid of those tiny fluffy hairs! I've always been a strip waxer for eyebrows and lip but this seriously is changing the way I do business!!

~ Brooke


I have a high Brazilian and other waxing clientele here in my little salon in Koroit. I ordered this wax through my rep and I have to say that it is AMAZING!!! I just love it .... it has great pick up and quick drying as well as thin application. I use Brilliance also, but this new wax is sensational.

~ Michelle VIC