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FA Bump eRaiser Triple Action 125ml CMYK (no caron logo) - low res

Triple Action Lotion 125ml

3 in 1 ingrown hair treatment.

- Use after hair removal as the natural extracts and actives weaken already exposed hair follicles, helping to retard hair growth.

- With regular use, hairs may become thinner and finer, thus minimising the discomfort of hair removal and helping to reduce ingrown hairs and bumps.

- Ideal for hairs that are coarse and strong.

- Vegan Friendly.

- Suitable for all areas of the body.

- Apply twice daily for two weeks preferably after a hot shower or bath, then once a day until desired results are achieved.


Bump eRaiser Triple Action Lotion is an ideal professional after care treatment product for your salon.


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