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Microwave to pot HEATER OTPIONS BANNER-01.2

  1. Caronlab 500ml Wax Heater Box RGBv2

    Professional Wax Heater 500g

    Designed to hold Revolutionary Microwavable 400g Hard & Strip Wax JarsThis NEW heater cleanly holds…
  2. Wax Pot Insert

    Professional 1lt Insert

  3. Caronlab 800g Wax Heater Box CMYK

    Professional Wax Heater 1l

    Designed to hold Revolutionary Microwavable 800g Hard & Strip Wax Jars Caronlab Australia's Professional…
  1. Wax Heating Systems

    Caronlab's Professional Wax heaters use advanced technology to provide your salon with a simple and convenient wax heating solution with minimal cleaning.