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  1. Aquagel Sugaring Kit

    Aquagel Sugaring Starter Kit

    A Natural Alternative to waxing!  Sugaring has been around for centuries and has recently made…
  2. Complete facial kit cover.

    Complete Facial Waxing Kit

      Microwave to Pot innovation™ - Great for Hairdressers + Mobile Therapists - Specialised…
  3. student 400g pot cover

    Beginners & Home Use 400g Pot Starter Kit

    Microwave to Pot innovation™ - Perfect for anyone new to or starting out Waxing. - Versatile…
  4. mobile kit cover

    Student & Mobile 1 Pot Waxing Starter Kit

    Microwave to Pot innovation™ Price: $180 RRP (Valued over $210) - Perfect for mobile business…
  5. salon 2 pot starter kit cover

    Salon 2 Pot Trolley Starter Kit

    Microwave to Pot innovation™ - The perfect kit for any Salon looking to have 2 pots running at…
  6. XXX essentials kit cover

    XXX Essentials Starter Kit

    - All your essentials to complete the perfect Brazilian waxing treatment. - Ultimate hygeine to protect…
  7. professional cartridge heater cover

    Professional Cartridge Heater Starter Kit

    Everything you need to get started using a cartridge system. - Code: 2WKPCH Contents:   1x…
  1. Waxing Starter Kits

    Start with the best! Caronlab's Waxing Starter Kits offer all the superior products you need to get waxing.
    Caronlab Starter Kits are filled with professional, high quality Caronlab products & our extensive range means that there is a kit to suit your needs.