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Aquagel Sugaring Kit

Aquagel Sugaring Starter Kit

A Natural Alternative to waxing! 

Sugaring has been around for centuries and has recently made a comeback. If your clientele are requesting a natural alternative, there just might be a place for it alongside the waxes on your trolley! 

- Code: 2WKAS


  • Professional Wax Heater 500g
  • Aquagel Firm Sugaring Paste 600g
  • Aquagel Soft Sugaring Paste 600g
  • 5 x Reusable Plastic Spatulas
  • Micro Defence Foam 50ml
  • Pre Wax Skin Cleanser 125ml
  • After Wax Soothing Lotion Mango & Witch Hazel 250ml
  • Nitrile Gloves Medium
  • Caronlab Hand Towel