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  1. CARONLAB Superbond Lip  Brow Strips Mockup (003)

    Brow and Lip Strips

    - Pre-cut and ready to use - Soft touch yet superior control - No sticky…
  2. Dair - 1

    DAIR Strips - Everyday Low Price

    Everyday Low Price for Salon's on a budget Non-Woven professional strength strips, which are suitable…
  3. Superbond - 1


    For total body and XXX waxing - 90% absorption These fabulous value for money wax strips complement…
  4. Spunlace 90 - 1

    Spun Lace 90

    The affordable versatile strip - 95% absorption Extremely versatile, Spun Lace 90 is the perfect…
  5. Venetian Spun Lace - 1

    Venetian Spun Lace

    No.1 Selling Strip! For total body and XXX waxing - 99% absorption Made in Italy exclusively for Caronlab…
  6. Calico - 1

    Calico Strips

    The traditional alternative Cotton Calico is the traditional alternative made from natural …
  1. Waxing Strips

    Made from the highest quality materials, Caronlab Australia's strips are the superior choice, offering value for money and outstanding results every time. Best used with all Caronlab waxes.