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Caronlab Demonstrational Videos

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Caronlab Waxes 

111a Caronlab Waxes - Product Knowledge

Synthetic vs Natural Wax

1111 a synthetic vs natural - final

How to avoid broken hairs

1111 How to avoid broken hairs

Make your treatments last!

111a How to make the most out of your waxing treatment

How to wax Like a pro

111aa how to wax like a pro

Top Up with Hard Wax Melts!

111bTop up with Wax Melts!

 Cartridge Waxing

 1111c The dos and donts of cartridge waxing!

World's First Powdered Wax

 1111 Masqua - The Worlds First Powder Hard Wax

Caronlab Wax Heaters

111dcaronlab Wax Heaters

Caronlab Waxing Strips

111e Caronlab Strips - product knowledge

Mirco Defence 

111fmicro defence - product knowledge

Total Salon Hygiene

1111 Salon Hygiene - Micro Defence

Perfect Waxing Trolley Set Up

111g trolley set up

Caronlab Pre & Post products

111gPre and Post Product Knowledge

Student Starter Waxing Kits

111h Wax Kits - product knowledge

Caronlab Disposables

111i disposables - product knowledge

Bump eRaiser - Ingrown hairs

111j bump eRaiser product range

Solve the issue of Folliculitis

1111 Folliculitis - How to solve the issue

Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs!

1111j How To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs

Grip Tweezers & Implements

111k grip tools and tweezers

Hydro 2 Oil Massage range

111L hydro 2 oil - product knowledge

Grip n' Glide Massage Gel

1111 Hydro 2 Oil - Grip n Glide Massage Gel

Self Heating Paraffin Wax

1111 self heating paraffin


How to get men into the salon

 How to encourage men into the salon


NEW! Brazilliant Film Wax

Brazilliant Video

Always be prepared

Always be prepared

Improve Your Wax Room

How to improve your wax room

Aquagel Sugaring Paste 

Aquagel Sugaring paste

Double Dipping



Q&A Videos

Is there a topic you'd like us to do a video on? Email and we'll see what we can do!

Contra Actions

BEDU - Conta actions 

Caring for your body

BEDU - caring for your body 

 Facial Waxing


Intimate Waxing for students  



 BEDU - Waxing contradictions

 Phases of hair growth 

BEDU - phases of hair growth

Advice for success