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Marketing Material

  1. online banners - 2015

    Online Banners

    We've created some digital banners in a range of sizes that can be placed on your website, used in your…
  2. wobblers - 2015

    Shelf Wobblers

    Make sure the ranges your offer stand out on your shelf! The wobblers have adhesive pads which stick…
  3. Badges


    Wear any one of these badges with pride. Often a talking point during a treatment, a badge is an easy…
  4. brouchure

    Product information brochure

    Our brochures are a great tool to have on hand so your team understand the products and can answer any…
  5. Decals 2015

    Window Decals

    Window decals are a great asset to any business. Place these decals on your window to draw in customers…
  6. bags

    Promotional bags

    The promotional bags are a great item to use when a customer purchases a retail product in your salon…
  7. Micro Defence Flyer

    Micro Defence Product Information

    Download the latest information on the Micro Defence range of products.
  8. Caronlab website posters


    Show your clients that your salon uses only the best waxes and accessories by displaying a range of Caronlab…
  9. tshirts

    Salon Uniforms

    Show your pride in using Australia's number 1 range of professional waxes and accessories by wearing…