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Better Therapists, Better Products, Better Hygiene, Better Results

Since 1979, Caronlab Australia has been dedicated to helping create better salons by delivering superior waxing products, exceptional service and industry-leading education. Our innovations are driven by our passion, understanding and commitment to making beauty therapists’ lives easier and salons more profitable. 

We’re more than just wax; we’re the experience that embodies knowledge, reliability and performance, making us the number one choice for beauty therapists. Tested and developed by beauty therapists, for beauty therapists.

Caronlab Cares

The beauty industry has come a long way from being superficial and exclusive. For us at Caronlab, beauty is a holistic concept that not only makes people feel good about themselves, but also operates in a sustainable way.

Waxing is no exception to that – hygiene and grooming can play a huge role in how one feels about themselves, but it can also put a strain on the environment. Used wax cannot be recycled hygienically and in some instances, wax or wax ingredients are produced in a way that is cruel to animals or even children.  As one of the leading wax manufacturers we recognise our responsibility to minimise our footprint on the earth and make sure all our products are produced in a humane and sustainable way.

At Caronlab, we do our best to keep our footprint as small as possible. This year we outline the ways in which we do that. We invite you to look at how your salon can reduce its footprint as well.

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Caronlab Australia is a proud member of Choose Cruelty Free and proud partner of CIDESCO Australia.

Mission & vision

Our Mission

We manufacture products that help Beauty Therapists provide the best possible experience for their clients and retail customers.

Our Vision

To be the preferred brand for Beauty Therapists and their clients for our superior products and the results they deliver.

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