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Caronlab Online Course

Since its establishment over 40 years ago, Caronlab Australia has been improving the quality of education across the beauty industry.

Playing a role in training the next generation of beauty therapists in the waxing techniques and products that Caronlab Australia have spent decades crafting.

These online training courses are designed to provide you with the ultimate show and tell of the signature movements founder Lilliane Caron has spent her career perfecting. Our courses build on the basic professional training and experience that beauty professionals and students already have.


You will receive:

  • 6 months access to step by step video modules with a Caronlab Australia Waxing Trainer
  • In-depth detailed manual to download and refer to throughout your career
  • Official Caronlab Australia Training Certificate
  • The opportunity to submit a video of your waxing for assessment and feedback by a Caronlab Australia Trainer, upon completion of your course

XXX Brazilian Waxing Masterclass - Female $399

This course will give you with the confidence to perform the perfect Brazilian Wax.

You will be guided through Lilliane Caron’s signature techniques, providing you with a logical flow and ease of movements. Allowing you to perform a comfortable and professional Brazilian that will have your clients returning time and time again.


You will learn

  • Lilliane Caron’s world renowned signature Brazilian Waxing techniques
  • The ideal waxes and products to perfect your treatments
  • Waxing Room Preparation
  • Waxing Contraindications
  • Post-Waxing, Aftercare and Adverse Effects

Basics of Total Body Waxing

Using Lilliane Caron’s signature techniques, this course is designed to perfect your total body waxing.

Providing you with the confidence and credibility that only Caronlab Australia’s quality education and products can provide.


You will learn

  • The ideal waxes to use for each service
  • Waxing room preparation
  • Waxing contraindications
  • Lower Leg Wax
  • Bikini Wax
  • Underarm Wax
  • Arm Wax
  • Facial Waxing
  • Post-Waxing, Aftercare and Adverse Effects

XXX Brazilian Waxing Masterclass PLUS Basics of Total Body Waxing
$599 save $99

Purchase both online courses together and save!