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Start with the best! If you’re studying Beauty Therapy, Caronlab has a range of support to help kick start your career and give you the confidence needed to excel in the industry. 

Below are just some of the ways we can help you:

Training Workshops

Looking for some extra practice or guidance with your waxing? Our trainers can provide one-on-one or group sessions. Learn the world-renowned Lilliane Caron Method, including the XXX Waxing Techniques 'The Butterfly' and 'Secret Garden' and change the way you do Brazilians.


If you ever have a question or query, simply drop us a line and one of our expert team will be happy to help. You may also find our educational articles as a valuable source of information.

Waxing Starter Kits

Caronlab's Waxing Starter Kits are affordable and offer all the superior products you need to get waxing. Our Kits are filled with professional, high quality Caronlab products & our extensive range means that there is a kit to suit your needs.

Social Media

Make sure you check out our posts on Facebook and Instagram regularly. We are always running competitions as well as posting hints, tips, special offers and new products! Join in the conversation!

Student of the Year Awards

To give you a little extra encouragement to excel, we offer a Student of the Year Award at the time of graduation. Students who are recognised receive a certificate of recognition from Caronlab Australia. Ask us how your school can get involved.

Proud Parter of CIDESCO Australia

At Caronlab Australia we are dedicated to creating a Better Salon. What better way to do that than to partner up with the world’s leading quality institute for the beauty business: CIDESCO Australia.

If you have any questions or would like more information on how we can help you, please email