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Aquagel Water Soluble Strip Wax Microwaveable 1.1kg

Choose Aquagel Strip Wax if you want your wax to be 100% water soluble, natural and Vegan friendly.


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  • Cruelty Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Peanut Free
Colophonium Free
Vegan Friendly

Caronlab Australia’s Aquagel Sugar Strip Wax is Vegan-friendly and ideal for salons and clients preferring natural products being used on their skin. Aquagel is 100% water-based.

  •         100% Water soluble
  •         No sticky residue – washes off in water
  •         Biodegradable: no resins or chemicals
  •         Vegan-friendly
  •         Made with 100% purified water
  •         Low working temperature

Available in:

Strip Wax

Water Soluble Strip Wax 1.1kg 2WSAG1


Cartridge 100ml 2WCAG



Heating Instructions:

To melt/soften the wax either

  1. Remove the lid and insert jar directly into an appropriate professional wax heater on a medium setting.
  2. Remove lid from jar and place off centre in microwave for a minimum of 2 minutes, but no longer than 4 minutes depending on the wattage of your microwave and the amount of wax remaining in the jar.
  3. Once wax has softened, place jar directly into a wax heater. Regulate heater to a medium setting of approximately 65°C-75°C (149°F-167°F), between dial 3-4 on a Caronlab Professional Wax Heater.

Usage Instructions

  1. Area to be treated must be clean, dry and free from any oils and creams. Use Caronlab Pre Wax Skin Cleanser. Always test wax on the inside of your wrist before use. Do not apply on warts, moles and broken or irritated skin.
  2. Apply wax thinly in the same direction as hair growth.
  3. Place strip over the wax and press firmly.
  4. Hold skin taut with one hand and pull strip off in the opposite direction.
  5. For the perfect finish and to remove any wax residue on the skin, we recommend you use Caronlab After Wax Skin Cleanser or After Wax Soothing Lotion. To clean equipment use Caronlab Wax Remover Citrus Clean.