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Black Nourishing Body Scrub 200ml

This exfoliating body scrub with Coconut Shell is enriched with Australian Rainforest Fruits to nourish the skin for a younger appearance. Add a sense of luxury to your skincare routine while you buff away the day and have your skin feeling smooth and radiant.

Active Ingredient: Coconut Shell

Ground Coconut Shell is widely used as a gentle exfoliant. It absorbs the perfect amount of water to work into the skin without dissolving, providing a delicate and soothing exfoliation to lift and remove dead skin cells. It is also gentle enough that it does not create micro-tears to the skin’s surface, meaning it is kind to the skin barrier and a great choice for a natural exfoliation product.

  • Coconut shell gently exfoliates dead skin cells
  • Refreshes your skin’s appearance and leaves it feeling silky smooth
  • Made with active ingredients that are ethically sourced and provided by nature

[For in-salon use]