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Professional Wax Heater 500gm

The Caronlab Australia 1lt Professional Wax Heater is designed to hold Caronlab Revolutionary Microwave to Pot™ technology 400ml Hard and Strip Wax jars, or pour your wax directly into it’s Metal Insert.

The Caronlab Australia Professional Wax Heaters have the ability to warm all types of wax. Their easy to clean, non-stick metal insert insulates heat to prevent the unit from becoming hot. Look after your wax heater and you will never have to clean the base unit again. The protective skirt and drip tray set up catches drips and you can simply wipe it down after use.

The 500ml Professional Wax Heater is designed to hold Caronlab Revolutionary Microwave to Pot™ technology 400ml Hard and Strip Wax jars. The secure lid makes them great for mobile waxing. Ideal for those who do a lot of brow and lip waxing while the large 1lt Professional Wax Heater is ideal for high volume, busy salons.

Thermostat dial enables you to easily control the temperature of your wax as well as be confident that the heater will maintain your desired working temperature.

Designed by a beauty therapist who understood the frustrations of working with an inferior heater, Caronlab Australia’s heaters have the following product features:

  •         Place Metal Insert into Professional Wax Heater, place 400ml jar directly into the Metal Insert with Caronlab Australia’s revolutionary Microwave to Pot ™ technology
  •         Heats all types of wax
  •         Insert capacity 500grams (if pouring conventional wax)
  •         Unique DripFree™ Rim means no wax between the insert and heater which leads to a longer lifespan of your heater
  •         Wider temperature range and modern dial system for faster heating and greater control
  •         Ideal for salons, mobile businesses, hairdressers and students
  •         Additional skirts and Metal Inserts are available
  •         12-month warranty

Two protective heater skirts to catch drips
Caronlab Australia 400ml wax jars fit into metal insert
Quick, safe and easy! No mess, no fuss!


Available in:

Heater Capacity 1 litre 12POTC1AU
Heater Capacity 500 grams 12POTC5AU




Instructions of use

  1.       For fast heating time, microwave a 800g jar for 2-3 minutes, or microwave a 400g jar for 1-2 minutes depending on the wattage of your microwave
  2.       Place 800g jar into the 1L wax heater insert or 400g jar into the 500g heater insert
  3.       Set at ideal working temperature (between 3-4)
  4.       If using Strip Wax, put the wax bar back onto the insert and begin waxing. If using Hard Wax, place on drip tray and begin waxing


  • Professional Wax Heater CL1000
  • 120V/230-240V
  • 50-60Hz
  • 270W