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Romance Hard Wax Pallet 500g

Choose Romance for waxing delicate areas and if you like a bit of shimmer in your top-quality wax.

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  • Cruelty Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Peanut Free
Colophonium Free

The Romance Hard Wax is an ultra gentle and exceptionally flexible, creamy, pink wax that contains Titanium Dioxide making it the perfect feminine XXX wax. The Romance Strip Wax is a velvety, translucent feminine XXX wax that is also gentle on delicate skins. With a gorgeous shimmer, it offers a fine, non-dragging application and a smooth, residue free finish.

  •         Perfect for XXX
  •         Strip Wax is gentle on delicate skin
  •         Hard Wax is exceptionally flexible
  •         Contains Mica for a gentle wax and a nice shimmer
  •         Rose scented

Available in:

Hard Wax

Microwave to Pot™ 800g 2WHRO8
Pallets 500g 2WHRO5

Strip Wax

Microwave to Pot™ 800g 2WSRO8



Heating Instruction

To remove wax from tray, place tray upside down on the floor, step on it until it pops and peel away the label. This should make it easy to remove the wax.

  1. Place wax into the metal insert of a wax heater.
  2. Regulate heater to a medium setting or between dial 3-4 on a Caronlab Professional Wax Heater.
  3. Dip applicator into wax. At the correct temperature, wax should sit on the end of the applicator and be practically dripless i.e. approx. 65°C-75°C (149°F-167°F). If wax is moving, it’s too hot. It’s not necessary to melt down wax completely – a core in the centre is ideal.