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Wooden Spatulas

The high quality wooden spatulas are available in 4 sizes for every wax treatment.

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  • Cruelty Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Peanut Free

Caronlab Australia’s high quality Wooden Spatulas provide the most hygienic solution to applying both hard and strip waxes. They will help your salon live up to high hygiene standards and give your customers peace of mind knowing that you care for their well-being. Caronlab Australia’s Wooden Spatulas come in handy dispenser boxes in quantities of either 100 or 500.

  •         For use with hard & strip waxes
  •         Hygienic single use solution
  •         No mess, no fuss


Available in:

Maximum coverage – large areas

Maxi (Jumbo) 100pk 2DSM100
Maxi (Jumbo) 500pk 2DSM500


Legs and body

Large (Tongue Depressors) 100pk 2DSL100
Large (Tongue Depressors) 500pk 2DSL500


Facial and delicate areas

Small (Icy Poles) 100pk 2DSS100
Small (Icy Poles) 500pk 2DSS500


Facial areas

Mini (Brow Beaters) 100pk 2DSB100
Mini (Brow Beaters) 500pk 2DSB500


Other spatulas

Sugaring Spatula 5pk 2DSPATSUG5
Metal Spatula Single pk 2DSPATSS