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Salon Resources

Our Mission

We manufacture products that help Beauty Therapists provide the best possible experience for their clients and retail customers.

Our Vision

To be the preferred brand for Beauty Therapists and their clients for our superior products and the results they deliver.

Our History


Started Smooth & Tan Salon

Lilliane opened up her own salon in Geelong called Smooth & Tan. The salon is still in operation today.


Launched Waxaway

Lilliane launched Waxaway, the first microwaveable wax on supermarket shelves. She also began working on the Caron Laboratories professional range.


Caron Laboratories First Professional Wax

Caron Laboratories officially began with the launch of its first professional wax, Smooth & Remove Olive Oil. The full range of Smooth & Remove waxes followed.


Ancillaries Range is Launched

The renowned Caron Laboratories ancillaries range is launched, offering salons a complete waxing solution.


Launch of Australia Best Selling Wax

Australia’s number one selling wax, Brilliance is launched.


Bigger Manufacturing Facility

Caron Laboratories moved to bigger manufacturing facilities in Autumn Street, Geelong West.


Strawberry Creme Wax Launched

Caron Laboratories launched a new face and a new look. Strawberry Crème wax is launched.


Waxaway New Look & New Package

The Lilliane Caron consumer range is rebranded as Waxaway with a new look and new packaging.


Disposables Launched

Caron Laboratories Disposables is launched.


Launch of Bump Eraiser

Bump eRaiser ingrown hair solution launched. Revolutionary 800g and 400g microwave to pot
waxes launched.


Bigger Manufacturing Facility at Victoria Street, North Geelong

Caron Laboratories moved its full operation to one premises in Victoria Street, North Geelong.


Multiple Achievements in one Year

  • Masqua, The World’s First Powder Hard Wax is Launched.
  • Waxxxpress is launched in the USA and UK, delivering salon waxxx express to your door.
  • The brandmark and name was updated to be Caronlab Australia.

Launch of Revolutionary Hard Wax Melts

Caronlab Australia launched the revolutionary Hard Wax Melts™ and said goodbye to hammers and the hassle of breaking up hard wax.


Aquagel Launch

Caronlab Australia launched Aquagel®, the only professional standard, purified, water-based
strip wax that meets the highest standards of salon hygiene.